Ten sails of different sizes, inspired by the Hishigaki-kaisen, are attached to the exterior. The sails are made of high-transmission laminated glass with white ceramic frit on the outermost surface. Each piece of glass has a second-order curvature, and the 3D modeling was done so that the entire combination forms a facade with a third-order curvature. | SK_2021_04_078-0 This two-story, steel-framed office building is located in Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture. The entire one-room office, which is built on the same level, can be seen through glass from the south-facing street. The pattern of the carpet tiles in the interior matches the paving of the sidewalk with pebbles. The aim is to create an office that is rooted in the city while interacting with the people of the community. | SK_2021_04_090-0 A newly built factory for the production of masking tape of a company dealing with processed paper in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture. The project follows on from the Kamoi Kakoshi Paper No. 3 Agitation Factory Archives (1205), the Kamoi Kakoshi Paper No. 2 Manufacturing Factory Warehouse (1309), and the Kamoi Kakoshi Paper mt New Warehouse (1703).
  • Osaka
Shinkenchiku April 2021 issue
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