Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy sets forth the policy for handling personal information, etc. obtained by Shinkenchiku-Sha Co., Ltd., Shinkenchiku Data Inc., and A+U Publishing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Shinkenchiku”, “we”, or “our”) from users (hereinafter referred to as “User(s)”) in the use of various services (hereinafter referred to as "Services") such as the Shinkenchiku ID services operated by Shinkenchiku. In this Privacy Policy, "Personal Information" refers to the personal information defined in the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information" (hereinafter referred to as the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information").

May 1, 2021

Article 1 (Scope of Joint Users of Personal Information)

Shinkenchiku may share within the following scope the Personal Information acquired from Users in relation to the Services.

  1. Items of Personal Information to be Used Jointly Name, year of birth, e-mail address, activity base, occupation, affiliation, services used, plans used, login information, search words, browsing information, and favorite registration information
  2. Scope of Joint Users Shinkenchiku-Sha Co., Ltd. Shinkenchiku Data Inc. A+U Publishing Co., Ltd.
  3. Purpose of Use by Joint Users Same as in Article 2
  4. Name, Location and Name of Representative of the Party Responsible for the Management of Personal Information Shinkenchiku-Sha Co., Ltd. Kasumigaseki Building 17F, 3-2-5 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Nobuyuki Yoshida, CEO

Article 2 (Purpose of Use of Personal Information)

Shinkenchiku will use the Personal Information acquired from Users through the Services for the following purposes.

  1. For Provision of the Services by Shinkenchiku and Use of the Services by Users
    • For authenticating the identity of a User at the time of login or after login when the User uses the Services as a registered User
    • For automatically displaying the registered information (hereafter referred to as "Registration Information") or the usage status of the Services (hereinafter referred to as "Usage Status") on various screens when a User views or corrects the Registration Information or checks the Usage Status
    • For identifying which User is posting, creating pages, etc.
    • For automatically displaying the Registration Information on the entry screen to simplify data entry by Users, or transferring the Registration Information to other services, etc., based on the instructions of the Users
    • For confirming applications for the e-mail delivery service or sending various e-mails
    • For confirming registration for paid services or providing services
    • For confirming the purchase of or delivering magazines, books, and other products
    • For providing various after-sales services
    • For billing, payment and confirmation of payment for paid services and various products
    • For sending information about continued registration, etc. for services, etc. for which one is registered.
    • For confirming applications for events/seminars or sending admission tickets, etc.
    • For registering for, applying to, managing applications to, and sending notice of the results of various competitions sponsored, supported, or operated by Shinkenchiku and affiliated organization, providing company information and recruiting information
    • For sending rewards, etc. for participating in questionnaires
    • For sending gifts, etc. for coupons, etc. that have been applied for
    • For acting as an intermediary for requesting informational materials, etc. from an advertising company as requested
    • For responding to inquiries from a User or making inquiries from Shinkenchiku to a User
    • For responding to a User who has violated the terms and conditions of the Services
  2. For the Improvement, Customization, and Other Enhancement of the Convenience of the Services
    • For improving the content of the Services and the products, etc. or developing new services and new products
    • For customizing the content and advertisements for each User that are viewed when using the Services, based on the Registration Information, Usage Status, etc.
    • For conducting surveys and questionnaires regarding the Services, such as satisfaction with the services and products ordered by a User
    • For analyzing the Registration Information and the Usage Status, or extracting questionnaire subjects for analysis, or providing the analysis results to third parties in order to make the content and advertisements provided by third parties that are viewed when using the Services more useful to a User

The analysis results provided by Shinkenchiku to third parties do not include any information that could identify individuals.

  1. For Provision to Business Partners
    • For providing a part of the Registration Information to an advertisement distribution company (to be used for the advertisement distribution service of said company; the information provided will not contain any information that could identify a specific individual).
    • If the corporation or organization with which a User is affiliated (hereinafter referred to as "User's Corporation, etc.") pays the usage fee for the Services used by the User, Shinkenchiku may provide the e-mail address of the User, the date of the first visit by the User in any period, and other information about the use of the Services by the User to the contact person for the contract of the User’s Corporation, etc. in order for the User’s Corporation, etc. to ascertain the Usage Status of the Service by the User.
    • The parties described in Item 1 and Item 2 shall hereinafter be referred to as "Business Partner(s)".
  2. For the Provision of Information related to Services and Products other than the Services
    • For sending information on periodicals, books, digital content, various paid services, and other services provided by Shinkenchiku
    • For requesting cooperation for questionnaires or participation in events/seminars conducted by Shinkenchiku and reporting the results thereof
    • For sending information or questionnaires from companies/organizations that may be of interest to a User, including Shinkenchiku, or advertisements from third parties, etc.
  3. For Other Purposes of Use

For individual services, the Personal Information may be used for purposes not specified above. In such case, Shinkenchiku will obtain prior consent from the User.

The Personal Information may be used in association with the Personal Information acquired and managed separately by Shinkenchiku.

Article 3 (Acquisition of Personal Information)

To the extent necessary for the provision of the Services, Shinkenchiku will acquire information on Users in the following cases. The following are examples, and depending on the specific content of the information, they may not apply to the Personal Information.

  1. When registering for the Services

We will ask for Personal Information such as a User’s "name, e-mail address, date of birth, activity base, type of occupation, and affiliated organization, preferred language" when the User registers for the following.

  • When a User registers as required for the use of the Services
  • When a User registers for events/seminars, participates in questionnaires or applies for coupons, etc.
  1. When Using the Services

When a User uses the Services after registration, Shinkenchiku will obtain the following information about the Usage Status in association with information that could identify the User.

  • Transaction history, including the use and purchase of services and products
  • Registration status for individual services
  • Status of applications for events/seminars, participation in questionnaires, or applications for coupons, etc.
  • Comments or statements regarding participation in questionnaires, use of the bulletin boards, and evaluation of the Services

In addition, Shinkenchiku may receive from Business Partners information regarding transaction records and settlement between a User and Shinkenchiku or the Business Partners, or may receive the Personal Information acquired outside of the Services.

  1. When Accessing the Website that Provides the Services, etc.

When a User accesses a website that provides the Services, etc., Shinkenchiku will automatically acquire information such as the advertisement and website browsing history, browsing status, and usage environment of the User from the User’s browser, using IP addresses, cookies, web beacons, etc.

  1. When Making Inquiries to Shinkenchiku regarding the Services

Article 4 (Disclosure of Personal Information)

  • Except as specified in this Privacy Policy or as permitted by laws and regulations, Shinkenchiku will not, without the prior consent of the User, provide any Personal Information to third parties, or sell or lend any Personal Information to third parties.
  • We may provide the Personal Information to third parties to the minimum extent necessary when required to do so by laws and regulations; court judgments, decisions, or orders; or by government agencies, etc.
  • We may provide the Personal Information to third parties to the minimum extent necessary in connection with the use of services provided by Shinkenchiku or Business Partners, even if it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person concerned in cases such as the following.
    • When it is deemed necessary to protect the rights, property, or services, etc. of a third party or Shinkenchiku in the event that a User violates laws, regulations, or related terms and conditions, etc.
    • When there is imminent danger to the life, person, or property of a person and there is an urgent need.
  • When a User purchases a service or product from, applies for a coupon or questionnaire to, or applies for other transactions with a Business Partner, Shinkenchiku will provide the Business Partner with the Personal Information acquired by Shinkenchiku, to the extent necessary for the transaction, based on instructions from the User. The Personal Information so provided will be managed by the Business Partner. In addition to executing the transaction, the Business Partner will use the Personal Information in order to provide information via e-mail, etc. to the User after the transaction, analyze the User’s Usage Status of the Services, and improve the business operation and services of the Business Partner. Shinkenchiku obligates Business Partners, by way of contract, etc., to comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and to handle Personal Information with consideration for a User's privacy. For details on the handling of Personal Information by a Business Partner, please contact the Business Partner.

Article 5 (Correction of Personal Information)

  • Shinkenchiku may request cooperation from a User to ensure that the User's Personal Information is accurate and up-to-date.
  • A User may perform procedures for (1) confirmation, (2) correction, addition, or deletion, and (3) suspension of use (hereinafter referred to as "Confirmation, etc.") of the Personal Information through the inquiry desk set forth in the following Article. Please note that we cannot accept requests made in person at our office, or inquires by e-mail for cases other than those specified in advance.

Article 6 (Inquiry Desk)

For inquiries and complaints, etc. regarding the Personal Information by Users themselves in accordance with laws and regulations, please contact the inquiry desk.

Article 7 (Data Use)

  • Data Collection

Shinkenchiku collects the following data from Users who view the Services in order to make our services more convenient to use.

  • Date and time of viewing the Services, URL viewed
  • IP address of the computer terminal
  • Operating system, browser type
  • Referrer information (information on which website a User visited the Services from)

Such data do not include information that could identify a specific individual, such as one’s name, address, or e-mail address.

To collect data, we use a technology called cookies to identify the browser of Users.

  • Use of Data

Shinkenchiku may also use the data set forth in the preceding paragraph and the data set forth in Article 3, Paragraph 3 for the purposes set forth in Article 2 and may provide such data to third parties.

Article 8 (Anonymized Information)

Regarding the following information held by Shinkenchiku, Shinkenchiku may, in accordance with the provisions of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, create and provide to third parties anonymized information (as defined in Article 2, Paragraph 9 of the same Act), which is information that is processed so that specific individuals cannot be identified and the Personal Information used to create the information cannot be restored.

The purpose of the creation and provision of anonymized information is to improve the convenience of services and advertisements, etc., research and development of services, and other purposes that Shinkenchiku judges to be beneficial and appropriate for Users.

  • Items of information on individuals contained in anonymized information
  • Gender
  • Age group and age
  • Type of occupation
  • Affiliated organization
  • Preferred language
  • Date of admission and withdrawal
  • Prefecture of Residence/ Prefecture of Activity
  • Service Usage Status/History
  • Other information registered with the Services
  • Method for providing anonymized information
  • Provision via a recording medium
  • Provision via e-mail
  • Provision by uploading to the server

Article 9 (Security)

In order to ensure the security of the Services, when important information such as credit card numbers is entered, Shinkenchiku uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology for the purpose of preventing such information from being intercepted, interfered with or altered.

Article 10 (Other)

  • Shinkenchiku may handle information differently from the above, in accordance with the provisions of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.
  • Shinkenchiku may modify this Privacy Policy, in whole or in part, as necessary. Any significant changes will be announced in advance in an easy-to-understand manner on the website where the Services are provided. If necessary, a User is requested to give consent to the change.