Otemachi One

The Mitsui Building and Otemachi One Tower were reconstructed in the district where the Mitsui Building, Otemachi 1-chome Mitsui Building, and Otemachi PAL Building were located. The main elements contributing to this project are the expansion of the plaza on the Imperial Palace side of the former Mitsui head office building (Otemachi One Garden, scheduled for completion in 2022), the reconstruction of the DHC (the central plant for the Otemachi area) in the basement of the former Mitsui head office building to enhance disaster prevention and improve efficiency, the improvement of circulation through subway connections, and the enhancement of the area's interaction through mixed use. This project was approved as a special urban revitalization district, and the floor area ratio was increased from 1,300% to 1,450%.
  • Tokyo
Shinkenchiku October 2020 issue
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