Upopoi (Symbolic Space for the Coexistence of Peoples) is a national center built on the shores of Lake Poroto as a base for the revival and development of Ainu culture. Its main facilities include the National Museum of the Ainu People (middle left in the photo), the National Ethnic Symbiosis Park, and a memorial facility. The National Museum of the Ainu People was planned to be in continuity with the ridges of the mountains and the natural forest. The lines of the exterior walls were designed with the surrounding ridgelines in mind, and the exterior appearance expresses the results of consideration of performance requirements and reduction of environmental impact. | SK_2020_09_073-0 One of the main facilities of Upopoi (Symbolic Space for Coexistence of Peoples). It is a place where Ainu traditional performing arts, such as "Ainu traditional dance" and musical instrument performances, which are registered as UNESCO intangible cultural heritage, are performed. The roof is made up of beams of the same curvature, cut out of a cylinder by an elliptical plane.
  • Hokkaido
Shinkenchiku September 2020 issue
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