Hotel Okura Tokyo Main Building (Design: Taisei Kanko Design Committee (Yoshiro Taniguchi, Hideo Kosaka, Hajime Shimizu, Asahi Iwama, Kisaburo Ito), Taisei Kanko KK Architecture Department (Yozo Shibata)) was rebuilt. About half of the site, or 1.3 ha, is open space such as greenery (of which about 2,500 m2 is an urban planning park created through the Minato City Park Urban Development System), and the floor-area ratio has been increased to 680% through the "District Planning to Establish a Redevelopment Promotion Zone. The floor area ratio is increased to 680% by the "District Plan for Establishing Redevelopment Promotion Zones". The total floor area of the Prestige Tower and the Okura-Shukokan is approximately 180,000m2, according to the "Joint Building Design System". The Okura-Shukokan (designed by Chuta Ito, 1927) was towed away and renovated for this project.
  • Tokyo
Shinkenchiku November 2019 issue
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