An integrated elementary and junior high school located in the center of Fuchu City, Hiroshima Prefecture. Four elementary schools and one junior high school have been integrated. The main building on the south side, built on the site of the former JT factory, and the junior high school gymnasium building on the north side, built on the site of the former Fuchu Daini Junior High School, are connected by a 32-meter overpass that crosses the intersection diagonally. Each of the elementary and junior high schools will be surrounded by its own courtyard, with common areas such as a library and swimming pool in the middle of the courtyard. Since there is a large difference in physique between first-graders and third-graders, the space is designed according to their physical size. The pathway from the main gate on the east side to the west, lined with cherry trees, is open to the city. The eaves are designed based on the solar altitude of Fuchu City, and are angled to block out sunlight in summer and to take it in effectively in winter.
  • Hiroshima
Shinkenchiku November 2010 issue
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